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How to make reservations?

After reviewing our offer to choose an arrangement, you just need to call us or send e-mail, where you can comment on the preferred arrangement, the desired dates of arrival and the number of people who come to you in the group. We suggest that you book your appointments in advance, because we are already at the beginning of the regular season booked. To finally confirm your booking arrangements, it is necessary to make an advance payment, depending on the type of arrangement, because only in this way your spot in the camp is certainly reserved.


Where is located camp?

Camp "TARA-RAFT" is located on the right bank of the Drina River, within the RC Bastasi, 20km away from Foca, on the main road M18, Foca - Niksic, following the direction towards the border crossing Šćepan. Foca is not so hard to find at map, but most of those who first time come into this area, the problem is coming from Foca to the camp. Global coordinates of the camp were: N: 43.37083 43 ° 22'15 .02'' E: 18.79459 18 ° 47'40 .54''

When you enter the city, you will find many guidelines that point to RC Bastasi, Šćepan Polje, Niksic, so pay attention to the signs. The section of Foca to the camp is tricky, because the last 10km is single-lane the paved road with no side banks. Although it will seem that it is completely impossible that such a path is the main and at the same time connects the the two countries do not let it discourage you, it's just a sign that you are in the right place. Drive slowly and carefully, the road is narrow and inconvenient for those who are not accustomed to such terrain. Also, we advise you not to drive under the influence of alcohol, both for your own safety, and along the way you'll encounter the occasional patrol of traffic police.

Approximately 20 kilometers far from Foca, you will find a board with the inscription "Rafting Center Bastasi ". You're almost here! Immediately behind the table, the main road separats the paved road to the right, sharply down. If you just stop at that point, you will be able to see the area around the rafting center Bastasi and all the campsites that are located there. Camp "Tara- Raft" is at the end of the road after about 1km long, the last in the series, acousticly and visually isolation from other camps, which offers complete privacy. Going down that road you have turned from the main road, you will first encounter a huge asphalt parking lot on your right, made for the World Rafting Championships. Turn right on the parking, and continue straight to the left end side of parking.
After about 300m and you gonna hit the road to the left, sharply down. Follow it and proceed that way. On your left side are other campsites are on Bastas. After 100m, this road ends in a parking lot of the camp "Tara- Raft ", where you will be welcomed by a member of staff.


What after arriving to the camp?

Upon arrival at camp, you must first go to the reception. The person in charge of your holiday will direct you to to a place where you can park your car. At the reception you hand your ID and fill out a basic form, if you you have not brought with them. After that, the receptionist will hand over the keys of your accommodation and show you where are your room or bungalow located. If the reception is very busy, please be patient and wait your turn. Procedures for scheduling accommodations usually do not last long. We suggest that you bring some warm clothes and because even though it is summer, the night before the river tend to be chilly.

Why do we fill do form and what is the form?

 Based on the Regulations on the method and conditions for the provision of tourist activities like rafting (Official Gazette of the Serbian republic, No. 10/11) which can be seen here, each person participating in rafting is required to read and sign a statement about taking risks and responsibilities and that during the course of rafting organization and abide by the instructions issued by the skipper - a guide. Other items on the form (survey questions) are taken in the the strictest confidence and to improve communication with clients. 


Can kids go on rafting and is there any age limit?

 Yes, minors can go rafting in the presence and consent of parents / guardians. The age limit does not exist, all of which are comfortable for adventure are welcome. Organizer of the rafting gives final assessment of the ability of the participants. 


What do I bring on a boat?

 Besides the obligatory rafting equipment you get in the camp, we encourage you to bring your camera and some money (if you want to drink a refreshing drink along the way). On each boat will be provided waterproof bags. 


What is the procedure of rafting?

The first thing you do before leaving is getting the equipment. At a certain place in the camp skippers will share equipment, depending on the size that suits you, you dress up in camp. Required equipment includes a helmet, life jacket and paddle, and you also get the neoprene suit and stockings. After that we strart with boarding the passengers in jeeps and vans that will take you to the starting point. For each vehicle will be highlighted list of passengers who are in it, you need to look for your name on any of these lists. This is done for the reason because we cross the border entering in Montenegro and it is necessary that all passengers from the list are in the car. Your ID cards at that moment are with the driver, who will deliver them to the border guards. Please remember to behave properly and not leave the car at the border crossing, otherwise you can create a problem to yourself, the driver, companions, and the entire column in which your vehicle is located. It is not allowed to consume alcohol. Organizer of the rafting will make sure that in the cars you are with the people from your group. All groups are already pre- arranged by boats and assigned them the skipper of which the organizer will inform you before rafting. Arriving at your destination, seek for your skipper, and he will be looking for you. Before starting the rafting, the skipper is required to hold a safety briefing which will explain the basic principles of behavior in the boat, on the water, rowing technique, everything that can be useful while descending. The skippers will inspect and equipment, and in the case of a lack will notify the organizers. Be sure to listen to the instructions of the skipper, do not do anything on your own and by your judgement, since he is the one who is responsible for your safety. Alcohol consumption before and during rafting is prohibited. Guides (skipper ) have the right to sanction any misconduct on the river that can be dangerous for the safety of the group , a person under the influence of alcohol will not be admitted into the boat and basic equipment (helmet and vest) is required during the entire descent . At the end of the rafting tour, you arrive at the camp, the very same place where you started. You remove the equipment from yourself and insert it into the boat and return it to your skipper .

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